2022 Toyota Tundra versus Chevy Silverado, Gerald Ford F-150 and Read/write memory 1500

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It’s been a tenacious time coming, merely the unexampled Toyota Tundra is in the end here.


Whether you’re shopping for a fresh car, Sport utility vehicle or pickup, today’s vehicles are ALIR greater than the add up of their spec sheets. Regular so, it’s forever useful to comparability the numbers pool to Free Watch The Eyes of Tammy Faye Full Movie vimeo how candidates for your hard-earned dollars flock up. That’s peculiarly dependable when it comes to full-size pickups, because capableness is everything. Toyota has unveiled its all-newfangled 2022 Tundra light-tariff pickup, and it’s a pressure to be reckoned with. Here’s how Toyota’s in vogue lines up against Free Watch The Eyes of Tammy Faye Full Movie vimeo updated 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2022 Ram 1500 and 2021 Ford F-150 (we’re motionless ready and waiting on 2022MY spectacles from the Low-spirited Oval).

The refer of the spirited in full-size, light-responsibility trucks is choice: cab choice, sleep with choice, dress choice, but videlicet locomotive engine choice. The Tundra alone has deuce powertrain options: a 3.5-cubic decimeter twin-turbo V6 and a hybridized variation of the equivalent. Ford has no fewer than sixer internal-burning powertrain options (non to remark the coming all-galvanising Lightning), but early companies aren’t quite as racy. Chevrolet offers foursome engines start with a 2.7-cubic decimetre turbocharged inline four-piston chamber and climbs to a immense 6.2-cubic decimetre V8. Ram down has Little Joe powertrains available, including deuce mild-cross models.

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For the saki of this comparison, I’ve divided the powertrain choices into base, midlevel, upper-midlevel and upper-stratum specs. I’ve likewise included a board for the Diesel and crossed models. For towing and payload, I’ve pretended the uttermost capableness for those specific setups. In near cases, that means those powertrains number on a two-wheel-drive, regular-hack exemplary with a tenacious seam and a goop towing package, just non ever. For fuel economy, I’ve used these trucks’ two-wheel-repulse glasses.

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