Star Wars has lost its mystique, and The Rise of Skywalker is to blame

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The Rise of Skywalker was a crowd pleaser for the worst possible crowd.

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Today is . Yep, that day. day. May the 4th be with you, etc. A pun that, thanks to the internet, somehow transformed a regular day into a global holiday of Star Wars worship. But there’s only one problem: I don’t really want to worship at that altar any more. 

And is to blame.

It’s embarrassing, but there was a point in the pre-pandemic days — during my first watch of The Rise of Skywalker — where, in a packed theater, I audibly said “what the hell?” 

I can’t remember exactly which part. There were a few candidates.

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It could have been right at the beginning, when Rose Tico (played by Kelly Marie Tran) was yanked from The Rise of Skywalker like Poochie from The Simpsons. A move that felt designed to . 

That sucked. Big time. Definitely worth a “what the hell?”

It could have been the moment they “unkilled” Chewbacca, rewinding perhaps the only challenging moment in a first act that felt like it was written and judi online bola edited by a 5-year-old high on sherbet. 

What the hell?


But if I had to place bets, I’d say my “what the hell” moment came during the big “Rey’s origins” reveal. 

Undoing one of ‘s most interesting choices, Kylo Ren tells Rey she wasn’t the daughter of drunkards who sold her off for booze money. Nah, scratch that. In a desperate attempt to tie everything back to the original trilogy (making the Star Wars universe feel smaller than a snow globe), Rey was revealed to be the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine: The big baddie who magically re-appeared in the third movie, minus any foreshadowing in the previous two.  

“What the hell?”

Years later, distanced from the warped bubble of Star Wars “discourse” — and its place in the culture wars that consume all light and reason — it’s still difficult to explain why this choice annoyed me so much. 

In hindsight Rey’s reveal was the moment when Star Wars stopped existing as an object I could believe in and transformed into banal fan fiction catering to the worst type of fan. When Star Wars shrank into a story in a Reddit thread far, far away. Designed to offend the least amount of people possible, built for people to sit in movie theatres and point. “LOOK, IT’S LANDO. LANDO’S HERE!”

I was pissed. 

Pity my poor wife, eyes glazing over, who had to endure the train journey home. Me, arms waving like a madman, trying to explain why the passable sci-fi flick she’d just watched (and immediately began forgetting, like a normal adult) was a betrayal. That it deliberately and systematically unraveled every attempt made by The Last Jedi to reinvent Star Wars and have it successfully escape the dull nostalgia pit it’s now fully descended into.

More May the 4th

I stand by the assessment. The Last Jedi was a movie that demanded we “let the past die.” It railed against casual nostalgia. Entire sections, like the casino scene on Canto Bight, were far from perfect, but The Last Jedi was bold and inventive. It never invited us to point, “LOOK, LANDO’S HERE!” Instead, it did a fantastic job of shredding all fan expectations. It murdered its main villain halfway through the run time; transformed Luke Skywalker from a dull do-the-right-thing hero-type into a vicious, bitter hermit tortured by his own failings. 

China slashes kids' online gaming time to just three hours a week

‘From a family who have to endure putting tubes down their loved one’s [throat] on a regular basis, take one day in our reality and have a reality check of what you’re gambling – of what you may have to go through.’

Aug 18 (Reuters) – A majority of Playtech’s shareholders on Wednesday rejected the gambling software maker’s plan to sell its financial trading unit for up to $210 million to a consortium led by Israeli private equity group Barinboim Group.

Other efforts to address gaming addiction in China have been more controversial: In 2017, a teen died several days after being sent to an internet-addiction treatment center in the eastern province of Anhui.

A 2018 report published in  found nearly 12 percent of Chinese university students had Internet Addiction Disorder, which it called an impulse control disorder, ‘similar to eating disorders, pathological gambling… and other addictions.’

COVID-19 lockdowns only increased gaming worldwide: In the US over half of Americans said they turned to video games out of boredom, according to Super Data, resulting in a $139 billion in profits for 2020—a 12 percent increase from 2019. 

‘I have been approached’: Dr Chris Brown addresses rumours… Channel 10’s ‘$5million’ plan to save The Bachelor as they… EXCLUSIVE: What Shane Warne is REALLY like (from the man who… Shane Warne is ‘still using Tinder’ at 51 because ‘he…

No more D-list Bachelors! Channel 10 execs are said to have earmarked a $5million ‘talent budget’ for the 2022 seasons, and are considering several high-profile stars, including Shane (left) and Dr Chris Brown (right)

‘Emily still got two viruses – rhinovirus and enterovirus – and they floored her. She was needing constant suctioning to keep her airways clear… she was struggling to breathe and it almost ended up as a transfer to Westmead,’ Ms Landon-Sayers wrote on Facebook. 

Ms Landon-Sayers wrote a heart-wrenching post on her Facebook page for Emily about how angry she was that some people refuse to make any sacrifices for their own families – and indirectly put vulnerable people like Emily at risk by going on as normal.

London-listed Playtech said it was now seeking to engage with Gopher regarding the sale of Finalto, which has been growing rapidly as market volatility brought on by the pandemic made it a lucrative target.

‘We won’t ever even after we “open up” be able to go “let’s just book a trip here”. We will worry about who is vaccinated and who isn’t – not just for her but for us and her  care givers with whom she would not be as well loved and cared for by anyone else.’  

Cerebral palsy suffers, especially those who contract recurrent respiratory infections, are considered a high risk for severe Covid reactions – although the impact on children is thought to be less severe than on adults.

Resist investing FOMO Professionals recommend that you try to separate emotions and impulses from investing decisions. Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is hard to resist, but it can be costly if you give in to it. 

The next Bachelor? It comes after speculation Channel 10 has hatched a plan to save The Bachelor from cancellation by seeking a famous suitor for next year’s season. Pictured: Shane with his three children 

Segment your portfolio Diversifying your stocks is one thing professionals say is key to making gains in your portfolio. Putting everything into GameStop, or any one company for that matter, is a dangerous risk.

Authorities are now also asking companies to keep keeping users’ names and other data, be more transparent about in-game transactions and link titles to anti-gaming addiction programs, according to  Scroll down for video

“Typically, these stocks are not moving because they have all of a sudden improved their businesses and are expected to be more profitable,” Daugs said. “These are moving trains that can jump off the tracks quickly. You do not want to be the last one off, because eventually stocks will return to their ‘true valuations.'”

DuPont employee Walter Liew (left) was convicted of selling trade secrets to a company in China for more than $20 million, and Boeing Satellite Systems employee Gregory Justice (right) was convicted of attempting to sell secrets to Russian in

ion.  In other cases, the insider is a willing spy. In one such case, DuPont employee Walter Liew was convicted of stealing trade secrets about white paint, including a production process that also has military applications, and selling them to a company in China for more than $20

“A lot of people saw these stocks going up, as well as seeing many on their social media feeds making money, so they jumped in,” Payne said. “I imagine many will be talking about how much money they made while others are left holding the losses.”

ence Part of Shenkin’s job is to brief companies on best practices in identifying potential insider threats, an issue that is on the rise, with employees being persuaded or coerced by foreign actors to hand over sensitive information or login cred

OnlyFans backtracks on plans to ban porn

And now children have become smarter and delete the internet history to avoid getting caught. Now Covenant Eyes-an award winning software, which is used for monitoring and filtering can be employed for developing better surfing habit Internet porn filters and Internet porn protection is also employed for monitoring their kids. Kids today even from average age of 8 have access to the internet.

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With the World Wide Web anyone, anywhere can have access to porn on the internet using a net connection. It creates a problem for individuals, parents, businesses and kids too.

The ban on sexually explicit content was announced last week and was supposed to come into force in October. It was reportedly being introduced due to pressure from banks that made it difficult for the company to pay its creators. By going public with the issue, it seems to have resolved the issues that were forcing it to implement the ban.

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“Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard,” the company said on Twitter. “We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change. OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.”

OnlyFans has dropped plans to ban pornographic content from its subscription service, which had caused outrage and upset in the adult creator community. The company has now secured the assurances it needs to continue paying creators who make sexually explicit content, the company said in a tweet on Wednesday.

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‘The Defendant does not fall under any of the exceptions to the Arkansas Child Maltreatment Act’s confidentiality requirements, and Defendant has not asserted that it falls under any of the exceptions,’ the DHS argued.

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Man who was baby in Nevermind cover image sues Nirvana over child porn allegations

It’s one of the most iconic album covers in rock history, but Nirvana’s Nevermind doesn’t spark happy memories for the man who appeared on the famous cover as a baby. Spencer Elden, now 30, is suing those who were responsible for the album imagery, including the record label, the art directors and the surviving members of the band.

He is suing 17 defendants, including the estate of late Nirvana singer and front man Kurt Cobain, with accusations that they breached child pornography laws in creating the artwork. Elden alleges his parents didn’t sign a release form for photographer Kirk Weddle to snap him at 4 months old, importarle un carajo floating naked in a pool along with a dollar bill.

She plays Jessie, a twentysomething Londoner who parties it up on New Year’s Eve, then later discovers she had a one-night stand with Tom Kapoor, a celebrity played by Nikesh Patel. HBO Max

Starstruck is a classic screwball comedy, starring the lovably goofy Rose Matafeo. Watch out for scene-stealer Minnie Driver as Tom’s agent in this witty, neatly crafted comedy package. Follow Jessie as she juggles odd jobs, from cinema worker to nanny, and her blossoming relationship with a film star that involves no high jinks whatsoever.

Snowden insists that Apple’s new decision will end that protection Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has long prided himself on his company pushing back against government demands to hand over data from peoples’ phones.

The final suggestion is for the Government to back a Private Member’s Bill which would lay out minimum standards for social media firms to check the ages of users – requiring others to adopt this as well.

The Silicon Valley giant will scan all photos linked from iPhones to the Cloud for child pornography – with images cross-checked against a database from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

In some ways, it’s the nature of the beast. It takes unshakable self-belief to be a success in high-level politics, and even when he was a pipsqueak nobody, it was clear that Hancock had the bearing and confidence of a Panzer.

He was engaged to former Miss USA Shanna Moakler – mother of his eldest child, Atiana – but the relationship ended in September 2000 when Moakler, who was at home watching the Latin Grammys saw De La Hoya escorting another woman to the show.

Dame Rachel said she is meeting bosses from social media firms this week ‘to challenge them to grasp this nettle of keeping children safe and keeping children who should not be on their sites off their sites and getting unsuitable material off their sites’.

Despite his ineptitude, Stath perseveres with his new vocation, showing flats to potential customers with the electricity cut off or importarle un carajo with the security alarm blaring because he can’t remember the code. Stick around for the even better season 2, which won three BAFTAs. HBO Max

Stath Lets Flats is one of the best new British TV shows that trades in quintessentially absurd British humor. Stath is a socially inept Greek-Cypriot letting agent, whose dad hands him a job working for his company. His attempts to impress his father burn the same cringe appeal as The Office, which also sprinkled in poignant moments ensuring you rooted for the characters.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, a friend of his wife Martha said: ‘Matt Hancock is definitely not a gentleman. He keeps trying to suggest that all is fine when everyone has been left shattered by this.

It comes after an online study last month, co-conducted by Dame Rachel, showed social media accounts linked to children are ‘directly targeted’ with graphic content within as little as 24 hours of being created.

The report showed that, despite knowing the age of younger users, social media platforms were allowing them to be contacted, unsolicited, by adults, as well as recommending potentially damaging content.

But many people do not realize their phones are synching with the Cloud – and Snowden said 85 per cent of iPhone users have their phones set up to synch to the Cloud. Apple say that any users who do not want their phones to be scanned can switch off the linkage to the Cloud.

According to documents filed in Los Angeles federal court on Tuesday, Elden says his “identity and legal name are forever tied to the commercial sexual exploitation he experienced as a minor which has been distributed and sold worldwide from the time he was a baby to the present day.” According to Deadline, Elden, a Los Angeles resident, alleges lifelong damage and is seeking compensation from the defendants.

The cringe factor is strong as Sammy does everything in her power to return to London, with some standout moments when she reunites with her bickering brother. HBO Max

This black comedy takes us from London to Newcastle, Australia, following the misfortune of a woman who loses everything after the untimely death of her husband (don’t ask how he died). Broke and desperate, Sammy is forced to return to her hometown with her son and daughter, where she soon discovers she isn’t exactly a popular resident.

'Spencer' Review: Kristen Stewart Transforms in Pablo Larrain's…

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The remarkable production design, by Guy Hendrix Dyas, turns the interiors of Sandringham into a profusion of textures that dance before our eyes — the patterned curtains and gilded wallpaper, the carved paneling, the warm light of the chandeliers, the paintings and upholstery and mirrors and knickknacks.

The company has now secured the assurances it needs to continue paying creators who make sexually explicit content, the company said in a tweet on Wednesday. OnlyFans has dropped plans to ban pornographic content from its subscription service, which had caused outrage and upset in the adult creator community.

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‘I felt that way for around six weeks. He surprised me at every turn.’ I’ve been with Peter since I was 23 and I know he loves me and I thought, “there isn’t anyone who could play that part like he could”. Then something exploded in my mind and I thought, “you’re so bourgeois”. Peter did exactly what I thought he would do.

The ban on sexually explicit content was announced last week and was supposed to come into force in October. By going public with the issue, it seems to have resolved the issues that were forcing it to implement the ban. It was reportedly being introduced due to pressure from banks that made it difficult for the company to pay its creators.

OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.” “We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change. “Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard,” the company said on Twitter.

The words are soft and satiny, but they tumble out in a whispery rush, a burst of girlish sincerity that’s at once imperious and anxious. She also looks like she wants to melt away. Di, we can see, is commanding the room, feeling the power that’s there in her.

They spend all day having sex, after all, and they are accustomed to flinging their bodies around with abandon. Focusing on sustaining the action and driving a partner to the brink is enough to recreate a porn-like moo They also have lighting and camera work that helps them look a little more intense.

Regular guys don’t have these tools, so they’ll need to be more cautious. Porn stars can handle this kind of work because they train for it.

It is the most vital and initial steps to quit porn addiction. Common considerable points to avoid this addiction:


>> Change the environment: People who are sex addict to the porn content must stay away from TV or computers to get attracted or provoked to watch porn movies or snaps. The more people stay alone get distracted and move towards watching porn addiction movies, read porn content and other sources of porn conten  

>> Try to be socializing: Another most vital point to distract from the addiction is to try to keep talking with the peers and friends.

Research suggests that the average male porn star weighs about 27 pounds less than the average American male. This isn’t too surprising, as porn stars can see their asking prices dip when they show up on the set with bulging tummies and jiggling thighs.

They simply must be in shape in order to look good on camer

It could be worst if left untreated for a prolonged period of time. When it comes to encounter porn addiction, there are some genuine and common activities that could be used as the treatment method The major question raise that what exactly the pornography addiction means. Moreover, what are the causes that provokes and en el strengthen sex addiction. Therefore, many pornography treatment centers are available that provide comprehensive treatment plans.

Mostly, though, what we see in Stewart’s Diana is a woman of natural-born elegance, with a luminosity that pours out of her, except that part of her is now driven to crush that radiance, because her life has become a wreck.

The Venice Film Festival is in full swing and the stars are already lining the red carpet. From billowing tulle princess-esque dresses to chic and sharp suits, we expect to see a smorgasbord of styles grace the stage. And en el who could forget embellishment?!

'Spencer' Review: Kristen Stewart Transforms in Pablo Larrain's…

Monica initially left her job seven years ago after deciding she would rather be a house wife and cater to her husband’s needs, hitting headlines recently when revealing that she prefers to cook, clean and give her husband sex should whenever he wants.

At the Sandringham Estate, a preposterously large six-story country mansion that stands on 20,000 acres of the Norfolk Coast, a military convoy arrives, toting crates that look like they must contain oversize weapons.

In that light, part of the audacity of “Spencer” is that, in spirit and form, it’s a kind of “Masterpiece Theatre” movie, except that the nimble conversation that’s the lifeblood of these films — or, indeed, of “The Crown” — is denied to Diana.

I have absolutely no idea where I am.” It’s a comic situation, since Diana, in a red-and-green plaid jacket that looks like it must be Chanel, knows that wherever she goes she’ll be greeted as who she is: the most famous and idolized woman in the world.

“Excuse me,” she says to no one in particular. “I’m looking for somewhere.

She had not told her friend, Jane Doe 7, about the assault, and failed in her attempts to get her out of the room, where Jeremy would rape her, according to their testimony. ‘I have connections all over this town,’ she remembered him saying when she asked how she found them.

I’m like he’s – I don´t want to say ‘celebrity,’ but you know, he kind of was,’ said another woman, Jane Doe 7, when Jeremy came to the door of the Hollywood hotel room she was sharing with friends, where the porn actor would rape her soon after, according to her testimony.

He keeps trying to suggest that all is fine when everyone has been left shattered by this. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, a friend of his wife Martha said: ‘Matt Hancock is definitely not a gentleman.

She knows she’s supposed to wear the gorgeous pearl necklace that Charles got her, but he also got the same necklace for her — for his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles (who we glimpse outside the church on Christmas morning; she gives Diana a grin of malice). She’s effectively imprisoned. Not an uncommon situation. But since she’s one of the royals, she cannot leave him (or so she thinks).

Viewers left horrified and upset by ‘living Barbie’ Tara… ‘How much does this guy earn?’ Mirror Mirror viewers react… The bizarre moment on Mirror Mirror when a man hides his… Anti-ageing skincare products actually make Todd Sampson’s…

Mostly, though, what we see in Stewart’s Diana is a woman of natural-born elegance, with a luminosity that pours out of her, except that part of her is now driven to crush that radiance, because her life has become a wreck.

Or manners, for that matter. However, as that infamous shot of Jacob Rees-Mogg slouching like a well-oiled rake on the green benches in an impeccable Savile Row number proves, the cloth does not always maketh the man.

“Here,” she says, “there is only one tense. As she explains to her sons, William (Jack Nielen) and Harry (Freddie Spry), that’s because it’s a life that makes time stand still. But life within the gilded cage of the royal family is also stifling. Past and present are the same thing.” What she’s talking about is an existence in which “tradition” is code for: what has been, and what will always be.

Some said Jeremy’s status as a porn performer kept them from going to authorities for years. The woman went to the police about an hour later, becoming one of the few who reported their assaults immediately.

‘He’s a celebrity and what he’s known for is having sex with people on camera for money,’ said Jane Doe 7, who like many of the victims came forward years later only after Jeremy was arrested last year.

That element of self-delusion is, I find, often key to the behaviour of men like Hancock, who somehow manage to convince themselves that what they are doing is perfectly acceptable – even though it is anything but.

LOS ANGELES ( – “Spencer,” Pablo Larrain’s magnificent movie about Princess Diana and how she freed herself from the life she chose, the life that made her a star, and the life that was killing her, opens with a sequence that’s staged, with a deadpan wink, to look like a thriller.

Adult film actor Ron Jeremy leveraged the novelty of his celebrity to meet and often isolate women who he raped and sexually assaulted, using the same tactics for years, according to grand jury testimony from 21 women that was unsealed Saturday.

The film presents Diana’s bulimia with disarming frankness (it’s an open secret that even Charles makes scornful reference to), but part of the drama of how it’s portrayed is that it’s not just an “eating disorder.” It’s Diana’s way of rejecting the food porn that’s part of what the royals use to numb themselves.

The weekend hasn’t even begun, and already the film is letting us know two things: that she’s breaking away, and that she’s lost. It’s being driven by Diana (Kristen Stewart), the Princess of Wales, and the fact that she’s on her own is no accident.

TikTok rolls out automated porn removal software

‘For me, my girls [her two daughters Tessie and Tallia] would love this… this is a take on a very big Australian brand… a nine-year-old is more on trend than a 15-year-old.’ children prefer this to hide this modesty…

For 重新他妈的 more information please I still haven’t overcome my own addiction of eating too much chocolate, though. I spent most of my adult life in Europe, in the US and in South America, helping people fight their addictions.

The former Atomic Kitten star declared that she was ‘gobsmacked’ and thought swimwear which ‘sexualised children’ was like ‘dangling a carrot in front of a paedophile’ during the heated chat on Good Morning Britain last month.

Earlier in August the X-rated site announced it would be banning all ‘sexually explicit’ content as of October 1, however CEO Tim Stokely announced less than a week later that the ban was being ‘suspended’.

Dr Butt, who is also a DJ, poet and sometime media pundit, was subject of a misconduct hearing in Manchester in February and March which examined whether he had misconducted himself and whether he should be allowed to continue working in medicine.

At the same time, people affected by this addiction find it difficult to look for help. Millions of people are addicted to watching adult content on the web.

The access is easy and it’s easy to keep your habit as a secret. Often, they try to overcome their problem by themselves. Lavario, one of the world’s largest provider of self-help program against porn and sex addictions, have pub-lished the results of a recent survey among their cust

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It also shows the strength of the addiction: despite good propositions and numerous attempts people still don’t get away fr An earlier survey of Lavario showed that almost four out of five addicts suffer from strong feelings of shame and guilt and from a low self-esteem.

At the same time, it shows that the suffering must be considerable as these people try again and again to break their addiction despite the constant failures. s.

It isn’t difficult to imagine how you feel when you try to break a bad habit for so many times and always fail.

Cody Simpson’s girlfriend… Social media star Tammy Hembrow blasts false rumours she’s… Tammy Hembrow shows off her infamous derrière in a VERY… Queensland’s stocks as the film capital of Australia… A taste of her home country!

Tessa then brought OnlyFans into the debate, adding: ‘There are a lot of things out there that sexualises children, social media sites like OnlyFans, with a young girl who’s jumping in a pool is self-conscious then this will show of modesty…

‘This segment is pretty revealing!’ Rochelle Humes comes… Kate Bosworth sports a floral patchwork Dolce & Gabbana… Elton John and David Furnish continue to live it up with… Kim Kardashian goes TOPLESS for new Nude Essentials photo…

Creators will be able to appeal their video’s removal via the app or report potential violations for the company to review, it noted. The company will begin using the system, which identifies “violative content” once uploaded, 重新他妈的 over the next few weeks.

So now it is only your own will to get a treatment and start a new happy life free of stress. Getting a treatment for is not impossible; it is just a matter of short drive to nearest treatment center.

For further details you can vis

To help addicted person without spreading the news about his disease numerous religious centers help addicts in finding different treatment options available and will assist till the end of treatmen Religious Organizations Basic problem faced by every person who is addicted to pornography is a fear of knowing his addiction by other members of the society.

s More than half of the respondents tried more than 20 times to stop watching – or at least to reduce their consumption of explicit images considerably. Twenty percent stated that they tried between ten and twenty times to break their addic

Earlier no attention was paid to this issue and people were ignoring it, but after realizing this problem many people started working on it and now many options like treatment centers, anon groups and therapists are available to resolve this proble If you are thinking it is impossible to treat a problem of porn addiction then you are not right.

Now people are getting the awareness that porn addiction is also a psychological problem like other addictions.

By participating and sharing of your problem with other people you can identify the root cause of this problem and you can easily get rid of i If you can’t find the specific group for porn addiction then you can even attend any other group working for drink addicted people.

De La Hoya says he was raped by a woman in her late 30s when he was 13

He was shocked to find out that you’re supposed to get consent for every individual act that happens in sex, and not just permission to have sex,’ she says. ‘He told me: “I’ve spanked people without asking them.” And while they didn’t respond to it badly, he was just suddenly hit with the idea that he could have really upset someone.’

As part of the revamp, Islanders are offered comprehensive psychological support, detailed conversations with Islanders regarding the impact of participation on the show and a proactive aftercare package which offers support.

After she turned down several of his requests, she alleged that De La Hoya grew angry and ultimately ‘held her down with one arm while’ sexually assaulting her.  De La Hoya allegedly brought the woman to his bedroom, where she says he told her about his fetish for transgender porn and asked if she wanted to ‘experiment’ sexually.

He was engaged to former Miss USA Shanna Moakler – mother of his eldest child, Atiana – but the relationship ended in September 2000 when Moakler, who was at home watching the Latin Grammys saw De La Hoya escorting another woman to the show.

On Tuesday The Los Angeles Times published an interview in which he said he was raped by a child by a woman in her 30s Oscar De La Hoya is pictured on August 24, in a public workout to promote his forthcoming fight against Vitor Belfort.

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‘I read a few articles and when I clicked one link suggested by Google, I think it was a malicious link, pop-ups began running in the background, which I struggled to shut down because as I stopped one, another popped up.

The word was given to the practice of non-consensual condom removal by perpetrators writing about it in online sub-cultures. It was only when she read about ‘stealthing’ years later that she realised otherwise.

Dr Mansur Butt, 49, from Warrington, admitted having bestiality material on his phones but said he only watched it because he was interested in his patients’ perversions and not for his own sexual pleasure.

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A full GMC ruled that the behaviour of the doctor, who has worked extensively across Manchester and 性交 Liverpool, amounted to misconduct but stopped short of saying he should no longer be allowed to practice.

It is accessible only through anonymity-providing tools.

Marques’ service enabled users to anonymously access millions of illicit images and videos, many depicting the rape and torture of infants and toddlers. The darknet is part of the internet but hosted within an encrypted network.

When we sanitise sexual violence, we are saying, ‘It’s OK, it’s normal’, instead of, ‘That was an unacceptable violation’. Downplaying violations through ambiguous, woolly language feeds into a culture of permissibility.

The deal between Eric Eoin Marques and Justice Department prosecutors is designed to satisfy a judge in Maryland who rejected their original agreement, which called for a prison sentence of 15 to 21 years.

Marques´ arrest,” they wrote in Friday’s filing. “Though the contents of many of the websites it hosted were despicable and unlawful, the evidence shows that Freedom Hosting was a free service until just before Mr.

In an April court filing, a prosecutor said a government witness was prepared to testify that investigators had identified Marques as the largest purveyor of child pornography in the world and that he had made approximately $3.6 million in U.S.

currency from his servers.

Marques’ lawyers also urged U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang to impose a condition of supervised release that would allow Marques to live in Ireland, his home nation, after he completes his prison sentence.

But does it serve people who’ve experienced something that made them feel harmed? As a society, we often talk about sexual violence as a dichotomy — it’s either rape or consensual sex.

That might benefit you if you’re coming at it from the perspective of someone who’s perpetrated a violation that sits outside it and so will evade consequences.

During a hearing in May, Chuang described the initial plea agreement as “too flawed” and said he was inclined to give Marques a longer sentence than 15 to 21 years. Chuang said he can´t tell the federal Bureau of Prisons to refrain from counting those years when Marques likely is entitled to get credit for that time. The judge criticized a provision of the plea deal that wouldn´t give Marques credit for six years he spent in custody in Ireland while fighting extradition after his 2013 arrest in Dublin.